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One Piece bubble gum

One Piece trading card bundled with chewing gum.

Majomajo Neruneru

Japanese candy where you can pretend to be a witch, mixing up your own strange potions.

Kakigoori Gummy

Explains what "kakigoori" is and introduces a Japanese candy based on it.


Japanese candy which makes a whistling sound when you blow air through it.

Yasai to Kudamono no Gumi

Japanese vegetable and fruit gummy candy

Dodotto Tsubupyon

Where to buy and how to make the "Dodotto Tsubupyon" DIY octopus candy kit.

Sono Manma Soda

Japanese mystery soda candies where some bits are sour, some are sweet but there is no way to tell which is which.

Choco Neri

Japanese sticky choco puff candy.

Gokigen Yogurt

Introduces a brand of Japanese yogurt candies.

Nazo no Mi

Crunchy and unexpectedly sour Japanese grape candies.

Kobito Zukan Gummy

Gummies shaped like mischievous Japanese dwarves.


Suppaichuu are sour Japanese lemon candies.

Gumi Choco

Japanese candy with grape, cola and strawberry milk gummies hidden inside.

Sakuranbo no Uta

Japanese cherry poem candies.


Cherry candies from the Japanese prefecture of Nagoya.

Black Thunder

Japanese chocolate which is like a delicious taste in a flash of lightning.

Bake Creamy

Candy which is like a thick and creamy love story over baked chocolate.

Mini Mini Ramune

Japanese ramune lemonade candies with Anpanman character.

Morinaga Milk Caramel

Classic Japanese caramels which have been for sale in Japan since the Meiji period. adults and children.

Nigi-nigi Osushiyasan

Japanese sushi candy shaped like tuna, clam, squid, octopus, shrimp, caviar and egg.

Nama-Ramune Strawberry

Delicious Japanese ramune candies which have a special texture somewhere between hard and soft.

Hello Kitty Choco Marshmallow

Hello Kitty marshmallows with chocolate cream inside.

Chiroru Milk

Japanese single-wrapped chocolates, which you can also buy in convenience stores one single piece at a time.

Kinoko no Yama

Japanese "Kinoko no Yama" mushroom mountain chocolates.

Dars white chocolate

White chocolate version of the popular Japanese Dars sweets.

Pocky Panda

Pocky biscuit sticks covered with cookie & cream coating.

Pure gummy

If you find a red heart shape while eating these Japanese candies, you might find love as well.

Koneko meshi

Seaweed-flavored ninja-themed kitty candies.

Banana choco

Japanese candy where you can peel the cardboard open like a banana to reveal a secret message.

Kyouryuu gumi zukan

Step-by-step instructions for how to make the "Kyouryuu Gumi Zukan" Japanese dinosaur candies.

Anpanman gummy

Explains Anpanman gummies are like, and who is this Anpanman guy anyway?

Kiichigo Gummy

"Kiichigo Gumi" are raspberry-flavored Japanese gummies.

Pokemon Gummy

Soft Pokemon gummies from Japan.


Pokemon lollipop which you dip into pop rocks.


Lists some of the types of Chelsea candies available in Japan.

Marumete Pandango

Step-by-step instructions for making the Marumete Pandango Japanese candy kit.

Shige Kicks

Shige kicks are the sourest of the sour Japanese candies, with each one like a sharp kick to the tongue.

Kamu Kamu Ume

Chewy candy based on Japanese dried "umeboshi" plums.


Japanese gummy candy with a semi-sour lemony surface.

Chou Himo Q

4 feet AKA 126 cm long Japanese gummy candy.


Japanese lollipop with three layers: grape, muscat grape and apple.

E-ma Nodoame

Vitamin C and xylitol, with a miraculous change in taste as you eat these throat candies.

Watagamu Shuwa Koora

Japanese hybrid of cola-flavored cotton candy and bubble gum.

Matcha Caramel

Morinaga's matcha tea flavored caramels.

Puccho Shuwa Koora

Soft Japanese cola soft candies with gummies embedded.

Azuki Caramel

Explains what Azuki is and introduces a sweet based on it.

Suika gumi

Candy based on the Japanese summer tradition of hitting watermelons with a baseball bat.

Pure gummy limited edition

Japanese gummy candies that may help you to fall in love.

Anpanman Ramune

Ramune candies with Anpanman character, one of the most popular anime characters among Japanese kids.


Japanese sugarless grape mints

Puchitto Kudamono

Japanese candies where you can pretend to be a monkey eating some oranges.

Mogimogi fruits

Japanese grape, muscat grape and melon soda flavored gummies, shaped like hanging fruit.

Calpis soft candy

Japanese candy based on the Calpis soft drink brand, similar to hi-chew.

Dars Milk Chocolate

Dars is a popular brand of chocolate in Japan that you can find in any shop, but do you know the story behind its name?    flags    Terms of Service    Privacy Policy