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Ramune is a pop-like tablet candy that has been around in neighbourhood corner stores for many years in Japan. Its flavour and texture hadn’t changed much until Morinaga created “Nama-Ranume”. “Nama” means “Fresh”, so you can expect it to be somewhat soft, but not like a gummy. It will be more like a marshmallow texture than the normal hard crunch. Some consumers reviewed that the texture will change depend on a temperature, so you might want to experiment by keeping them in a fridge.

Nama-Ramune is yet another fantastic product from famed candy manufacturer Morinaga & Company, Ltd. The soft, marshmallow-like gummy candies change texture depending on the temperature. The word ramune actually came from the word “lemonade” and is a popular lemon-lime fizzy drink enjoyed during summertime festivals in Japan. Ramune has been elevated to Japanese pop culture icon status in large part due to its unique bottle design which according to Japanese children resembles an alien head. The bottle is sealed with a marble which is then pushed into the neck of the bottle when it is opened for consumption. The marble makes a rattling sound while the drink is being enjoyed and has become a novelty item for tourists and Japanese alike. The packaging is also resealable, keeping unconsumed contents fresh for future enjoyment. With a candy as addictive as this though, it is highly likely that you'll never stop until the pack is empty!

Calories: 155, Protein: 1.1g, Fat: 5.6g, Carbs: 24.8g, Sodium: 0mg

Ingredients: glucose, vegetable oil, gelatine, reduced palatinose, sorbitol, alcohol, acidulant, flavour, emulsifiers, colour (gardenia)

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