Choose your plan

Shipping is free in all plans.

$12.95 / month

More light-weight items

  • Candy once a month
  • More DIY kits
  • More dagashi snacks
  • More savory snacks
$17.95 / month

More premium and heavier items

  • Candy once a month
  • No DIY kits
  • More gummies, chewy and hard candies
  • Premium chocolates in winter
$29 / month

Candy twice a month

  • Shou middle of each month
  • Nami at the end of each month
  • Best value, classic subscription

Either plan may include any items, but nami boxes will tend to contain more of heavier and premium items. For example when we send out special kit-kats again, they'll certainly be in a nami box.

When you order noodles in Japan, "shou" is a small portion and "nami" means a normal-sized portion.