Japanese sweet potato snacks available in Japan

Japanese sweet potatoes differ from American ones in that they are denser and starchier. In Japan they are known as "satsumaimo". Here are some examples of satsumaimo products sold locally, such as chips, chocolates and other snacks. Sweet potato benefits are claimed to include de-wrinkling your face, if you believe Olivia Munn.

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Japanese gummy candy

Japanese gummy candies have an amazing variety. From frog-themed gummies to strange tearable ones, all the way to character gummies such as Super Mario, Ultraman and Splatoon. There's even one where you have to dig through chocolate to find the gummies hidden inside. See full list of 26 candies below.

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Adorable Japanese doggy desserts

This à la mode "pomu pomu pudding" was just announced to go on sale in Japanese Mini Stop convenience stores starting April 26th. Mini Stop is hoping customers celebrating Japanese Children's Day on May 5th or Mother's Day on May 8th will buy it in droves.

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