Candy Japan total sales cross $1M

Just wanted to make a quick update that Candy Japan has now sold over $1 million dollars worth of candy.

Doesn't that sound great? A MILLION DOLLARS.

Now that I got to say that, I'll deflate the party mood a bit and continue with some major caveats to this number.

I'll get into the latest numbers in detail in a later post, but I wanted to make clear most of this money has been spent on product and shipping. In other words it's revenue, I haven't made anywhere close to a million dollars in profit with this.

(If you come rob me, you'll be disappointed)

And it's not yearly revenue either, it's the total revenue since 2011.

But the great thing is, I've been able to live off of the sales. That wouldn't have worked in a city like San Francisco, but the cost of living here is affordable. Even now that our family has a new member :-)

I'm really thankful for how things turned out. Many people put enough trust in me (a random stranger on the internet) to sign up.

Thank you. I'll keep sending fun candy for all of you to try.