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What's Inside the Boxes?

Each box has 3-4 items inside, and you will get two of such boxes each month. The boxes include Japanese sweets and DIY kits, savory snacks and seasonally chocolates as well. Each box is different, so each time will be a surprise.

Japanese Sweets

Chewy candy, hard candy, and gummies with flavors such as ramune lemonade, rose, green tea and Japanese plum (umeboshi).

Some change their flavor when mixed, or have mystery tastes where you don’t know if it will be sweet or sour before you try it.

Japanese Chocolates

During winter months we'll include chocolates such as dars and other brands.

We've sent out green tea and wasabi chocolates, and even a choco-gummy hybrid where you dig through chocolates to find gummies hidden inside.

Candy DIY kits

Make your own candy by following easy step-by-step instructions that only take a few minutes.

Colored candy foam with sprinkles, stretchy candy, candy shaped like sea creatures or bubbles and more.

Japanese Snacks

Retro snacks, senbei crackers, seaweed-flavored potato chips, okinawa bisquits, and baked sweet potato snacks.

Crunchy fish-shaped waffles with chocolate cream inside. Odd hybrids such as savory-but-sweet caramel crunches or chocolate-covered potato chips.

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Past Candy Boxes

Here are some examples of boxes we've sent in the past.

Sep 28th, 2018 candy box

Sep 28th, 2018 Candy Box

Kyoho "giant mountain grape" chewy candy. Nanko-ume high-grade Wakayama prefecture plum gummies. This box also had 3.5mm "extreme cut" Hokkaido potato chips; last time the flavor was butter, this time it's baked salt. Finally quintuple-concentrated Japanese grape juice gummies with an alternating spongy and firm consistency.

This is the perfect present for someone who likes Japanese confectionery.

Fed's life

Oct 28th, 2018 candy box

Oct 28th, 2018 Candy Box

Besides a stick of grape-flavored chewy soft candies with melty gummies inside, this box also had vitamin C -powdered gummies with a mix of white and muscat grape juice inside, and 100% strawberry juice gummies.

For a bit of saltiness, the box also contained 3.5mm "extreme cut" brand of Hokkaido potato chips.

"This is sincerely the most awesome mail I have ever received."

- Subscriber from Australia

Nov 14th, 2018 candy box

Nov 14th, 2018 Candy Box

Classic Koikeya seaweed potato chips, the originals that have been available in Japan since 1962. Neru-neru DIY kit that predicts your future by the colors that the candy turns into when mixed, similar to having your fortune told at a temple. Ice-cream like snack with a creamy filling in a wafer cone, except it won't melt.

“I am very happy with the candies. It is like Christmas twice a month!”

- Subscriber from Bulgaria

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  • Surprises twice a month

    Shower in surprises arriving to you directly from Japan. With two boxes a month, it's like birthday AND christmas every month.

  • "My husband bought me a subscription as a Christmas present as he knew how much I love Japanese candy. Every time I get a new package it's like there is a birthday in my household! The service is amazing and the emails explaining the items are well detailed and add to the enjoyment. Thank you for the time you take to find something new each time. I've recommended it to everyone I know."

    — subscriber from Australia
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