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Labels on the packages are in Japanese, so please do not subscribe if you have allergies.
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How it Works

First step is to subscribe
Subscribe to Candy Japan
Then we shop for candies for you in Japan
We shop for you in Japan
Then we send them to you and they arrive twice a month
Candy comes twice a month
Then you eat them!
Eat 'em!

Start getting candy boxes twice a month from Japan

Candy Japan mid-February box

For $29/month (shipping included) we'll start hunting for interesting sweets for you here in Japan twice a month, then box and ship them directly to you by Japan Post. Yes, anywhere in the world! Twice a month you'll get to try completely new tastes often not available outside Japan.

How much candy will you get?

Candy Japan boxes

Each month we send you two boxes of candy, so you'll get surprises often. The amount of items in each box varies based on how big the candies are, but usually the two boxes will have a total of 3 - 6 items with a typical total weight around 500 grams (about 1 pound).

When will I get the candies?

The boxes come every 2 weeks, but it takes a while for the first one to arrive from Japan.

What people are saying about us

"I can not think of any kind of subscription that I'd consider to be more worth the money or any other regularly occurring event that's going to be more awesome than the arrival of one of these envelopes."
-Matthias from Germany
"Check it out if you want a taste of Japan in your life" -Ology
"With Candy Japan, you can now get a taste of your favorite Japanese candies. I can’t wait to get my candy surprise soon." -FriendsEat.com

Who runs Candy Japan?

Bemmu and Nachi

The service is run by a Japanese-Finnish family living in Tokushima, Japan. It has been running for over 5 years already, with no intentions to stop any time soon!

Bemmu, Nachi and Aito

"My name is Bemmu, I am an expat in Japan and run this monthly candy service with my wife Nachi. We try to pick interesting candies to send to you each time so you can try things that are difficult to come by outside of Japan. We really hope you will enjoy trying the candies."

Ready to order?

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Tmi Bemmu, Koulurinne 17 F, 64100 KRISTIINANKAUPUNKI, Finland
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If you are looking to start your own subscription box, we wrote a book about it.
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