Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

I'm Bemmu! I run this site, thanks for visiting.

Is this for real?

Yes. People really ask this, or at least used to until I added this here.

What does this cost?

$29 / month.

How big are the boxes?

If you subscribe, I'll send you two 17 x 23 x 4 cm boxes each month.

How much candy will I get?

In terms of weight, I aim to make the first box of each month the smaller one (~190 grams), and the latter a bit bigger (~290 or ~390 grams). Sometimes the boxes have many small candies, sometimes fewer larger ones, such that they fit the box nicely.

How do I change my address or see my subscription status?

Email the changes to me: or you can try this self-serve page I made: manage my subscription.

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Can I cancel any time?

Yes. You can even order and cancel the next day if you want. In that case you will just get the two boxes you paid for and will not be charged in the future.

Can I try some candy without starting a subscription?

Yeah, well ok. I kind of don't want you to, but I guess if you insist, buy yourself a gift card and use that. Remember to claim it! It happens a lot that customers buy gift cards for themselves, but forget to enter their address, then a month later wonder why nothing has appeared. Here are some more instructions for trying some candy without a subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Send an email to and I'll cancel it for you.

If you subscribed by PayPal, you can also do this:

How do I change my credit card number?

Send an email to and I'll figure it out and get back to you. There isn't yet a page to do it on, because I recently switched payment systems.

When do you send the candy and when will I get it?

When you subscribe, as a special service I airmail your first box the next day the post office is open. That usually means that the box arrives in a week.

What about after my first box? Will I still be special?

No. You stop being a special snowflake and start getting your following boxes the same time as other subscribers. You'll be just a number in a giant batch of boxes, and no-one will love you anymore.

We have two batch shipping days every month (14th and 28th). We start preparing all the boxes on these days, and when the batch is done we go and ship the boxes. We dump them all in a big truck, and your box will cry alone under a mountain of others. But in a post office no-one can hear you scream.

Serious again. Since shipping is done differently for your second box, there may be a longer than usual delay between the first and second box (between 2-6 weeks depending on when you joined). From there on the delay normalizes to 2 weeks.

We gather a big list of all subscribers each month on 14th and 28th. Then based on this list we start preparing all the packages, which takes 3 - 10 days. After they are prepared, we ship them, which takes 2-3 weeks to most locations)

That's too much detail.

Sorry. Here's the gist: send me money, I send you candy sometimes.

Which countries can you ship to?

Anywhere, worldwide except Germany.

Wait, why not Germany?

We were happily shipping there for a long time, until one day most of the boxes started bouncing back. I guess someone at Deutsche Post hates Japanese candy. My theory is that their pet hamster choked on a piece of Japanese candy, and they have been on a vendetta against it ever since. It's working.

I live outside US, should I pay in USD?

Yes, you can pay in USD button no matter which country you are in. It will get converted to your local currency in your credit card statement.

I have an allergy, can you exclude the things I am allergic to?

Unfortunately no. We send exactly the same packages on the same day to all subscribers (except the special first one), so individual changes are not possible. Maybe one day when there's enough volume to offer such custom subscriptions.

Can I track the package you sent?

Yes, but only for the first box.

Why only the first one?

You keep asking difficult questions, my imaginary question asker.

There is no tracking for each box, since adding such a tracking service would make the club very expensive. Tracking per package from Japan costs about $5, so that would add +$10 / month to the cost of the service, which didn't seem reasonable.

Where did you get those country flags from?

They are from this website, Creative Commons Attribution licensed.

I paid but I have still received nothing from you?

I'm sorry! Check the tracking link I sent you. The box might be delayed on the way. If over a month has passed since you subscribed and you still received nothing, please contact

The most likely explanation is that somehow we have your address wrong. Perhaps you moved and we did not get your new address, or the box might possibly have been held at customs, although that is very rare.

Will there be English description included since I do not read Japanese?

No printed explanation, but we send out an email each time with a description of each candy. The emails usually go out 2-3 weeks after the shipment date. So for the 14th shipment we would send the explanation out on 28th and for the 28th shipment we would send it out around 14th the next month.

Are your candies vegetarian / vegan?

Probably not, as sometimes they may contain for example egg white as ingredient.

You should have a vegetarian / vegan option!


I would like to review Candy Japan in my blog / YouTube channel / news site...

I love you. Please enter your address here.

Any examples of what you've sent before?

You can see past boxes here.

Nice talking to you, bye!

You too. Twist ending: there never was a conversation. You were actually just reading a FAQ all this time. 😱    Terms of Service    Privacy Policy