Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for real?


What does this cost?

$29 / month.

How big are the boxes?

Two 17 x 23 x 4 cm boxes are sent each month.

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How much candy will I get?

The total weight of candy for each month is usually 400 - 500 grams (about 1 pound). Sometimes the boxes have many small candies, sometimes fewer larger ones, such that they fit the box nicely.

How do I change my address or see my subscription status?

Go here: manage my subscription

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Can I cancel any time?

Yes. You can even order and cancel the next day if you want. In that case you will just get the two boxes you paid for and will not be charged in the future.

Can I try some candy without starting a subscription?

Yes. While a subscription is recommended, here are the instructions for trying some candy without one.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Send an email to with the subject "cancel" from the same email address you used to subscribe.

If you subscribed via PayPal, if you prefer you can also unsubscribe from there:

Note that clicking "unsubscribe" in the newsletter only unsubscribes you from the newsletters, not from the candy.

When do you send the candy and when will I get it?

Getting the first package can take time, but after that they will be flowing to your mailbox twice a month.

If you subscribed between 1st - 13th of the month, you should get the very first package between 7th - 14th of the next month.

If you subscribed between 14th - 28th of the month, you should get first package between 21st - 28th of the next month.

(Why? We gather a big list of all subscribers each month on 14th and 28th. Then based on this list we start preparing all the packages, which takes 3 - 10 days. After they are prepared, we ship them, which takes 2-3 weeks to most locations)

If I subscribe after 14th, does it mean I wasted half of my money?

No, you get two boxes for each payment you make, no matter when you paid. So you will not be overcharged even if you subscribe after the middle of a month. There is no "wrong day" to subscribe.

(For example if you paid on 15th of July, then your first box will be prepared on 28th of July and another one 14th of August. Then on 15th you get charged again and so you got two boxes for your initial payment.)

Which countries can you ship to?

Anywhere, worldwide except Germany and Israel are currently not supported, because we often experience problems shipping there. While we can ship to Sweden, customs there have recently become strict and may charge you a fee for receiving each package. We have contacted Swedish Post, but could not resolve the issue. We have not experienced problems shipping to countries besides these three.

I live outside US, should I pay in USD?

Yes, you can pay in USD no matter which country you are in. It will get converted to your local currency in your credit card statement.

I have an allergy, can you exclude the things I am allergic to?

Unfortunately no. We send exactly the same packages on the same day to all subscribers, so individual changes are not possible.

Can I track the package you sent?

There is no tracking, since adding such a tracking service would make the club very expensive. Tracking per package from Japan costs about $5, so that would add +$10 / month to the cost of the service, which didn't seem reasonable.

Where did you get those country flags from?

They are from this website, Creative Commons Attribution licensed.

I paid but I have still received nothing from you?

If over a month has passed since you subscribed and you still received nothing, please contact

The most likely explanation is that somehow we have your address wrong. Perhaps you moved and we did not get your new address, or the box might possibly have been held at customs, although that is very rare.

Will there be English description included since I do not read Japanese?

No printed explanation, but we send out an email each time with a description of each candy. The emails are usually sent a few days after the shipment goes out, so you should get the emails some time before the shipments themselves. Don't read them if you don't want to be spoiled :)

Are your candies vegetarian / vegan?

Probably not.

I would like to review Candy Japan in my blog / YouTube channel / news site...

We occasionally send out review samples. If you would like to get one, please fill out a review request.

Any examples of what you've sent before?

Yes, you can read about past boxes here.    Terms of Service    Privacy Policy