What I won't write about

Limits to transparency

Transparency with profit numbers, subscriber numbers and details on the set-ups of shipments as such is fine, but recently I have decided there is one thing I will no longer share information about: anything zero-sum, which at this point is limited to marketing campaigns.


Because it can cost a huge chunk of money to experiment with marketing, and the big result you get is information on what works. Sharing this information would be the equivalent of giving that money away, as competitors reading this blog would go out and do the same things. In a zero-sum situation whatever is gained by one party is lost by the others, meaning more people doing the same thing is not helpful to anyone.

It would not only erase any benefit Candy Japan would be getting, but likely no-one could profit any longer. Therefore sharing this information would be pointless.

Some day in the future I will share more details when it no longer matters, except as an interesting past case study, but not at the moment.