Past Candies

Here you can see what was sent to subscribers before. If you are a subscriber you can use this list to cross check that you received everything. If not, please email

28th August 2011 - Takoyaki / Bontan Ame and Chelsea Butter Scotch
14th September 2011 - Fuwamoko and Watapachi
28th September 2011 - Fueramune and Hi-Chew
16th October 2011 - Pittan Animaru, Dars Chocolate and Super Soda Gum
24th October 2011 - Azuki and Ultraman
2nd December 2011 - Chou Himo Q and Hi-Soft Milk Caramel
15th December 2011 - Zerosh and Shaka Shaka Gumi
28th December 2011 - THUNDER PUNCH & Pokepachi
14th January 2012 - Yataiman Gyoza Dumpling DIY kit
28th January 2012 - Puccho Ball Soda and Nama-Ramune
13th February 2012 - Twin Pop Fuusen Gum and Hi-Chew Peach or Strawberry
1st March 2012 - Mini Assort, Hi-Chew Golden Pineapple, Ninja Meshi
13nd March 2012 - Fueramune Strawberry, character-themed gum
... some dispatches still missing here ...
14th May 2012 - DIY bug candy + cat card
28th May 2012 - Puccho mix citrus taste w/ strap gift + NeruNeru Nerune grape taste
14th June 2012
28th June 2012
14th July 2012
28th July 2012
14th August 2012 - Naruto Kintoki Caramel, Fit's Magic Mix 7, Shige Kikkusu grape sugar / vitamin C
28th August 2012 - Kawarinbo, e-ma, Chou Himo Q cola / soda flavor
14th September 2012
28th September 2012 - Marumete Pandango
14th October 2012 - Pokemon Gummy, Anpanman Gummy, Kiichigo Gumi
28th October 2012 - Chelsea Soft Candy, Pokepachi
14th November 2012 - DIY Dinosaur Candy
27th November 2012
14th December 2012
28th December 2012 - Banana Choco, Koneko Meshi + one more
... 28th March 2013 - ?

Future Candies

These are some of the products being considered for possible inclusion in the future.

Annin Caramel
Gummy Anpanman
Hi-Chew Grapefruit
Puchitto Kudamono
Puchi Gum
Suite Precure Gum
Henshin Ramune
Candy Spray Grape
Candy Spray Apple
Ramune Punch
Puccho Budou
Sours Gummy Yogurt
Sliderz Push Pop
Crayon Shin-chan Gum
Fuusen no Mi Gum
Pokémon Candy Fruit Mix
Chelsea Yogurt Scotch
Hi-Chew Apple
Hi-Soft Caramel
Shige Kikkusu
Ninja Meshi
Anko Tama
Chou Himo-Q Grape
Chou Himo-Q Cola Soda
Morinaga Milk Caramel
Sours Gummy Ramune
Sono Manma Lemon
Kiechau Candy
Chibi Soda
Konbu Ame
Matcha Candy
Fushigina Ramune and Cola Candy
Drink Mix Candy
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