Ueno Information Center releases reiwa-era panda sweets

Reiwa era has just started in Japan, and to celebrate it the Japanese candy manufacturer Kintaro Ame Honten has released new sweets in cooperation with Ueno Information Center. Since Kintaro Ame Honten specializes in illustrated hard candy, and Ueno Information Center both helps tourists and is also famous for its panda-related goods (since Ueno is where the Tokyo zoo is located), their cooperation has resulted in "Reiwa Panda Candy". It is a limited item bearing an illustration of the pandas, and also the Japanese characters for "Reiwa", the new imperial era that is just starting in Japan in May 2019.


The candy featuring the characters for Reiwa reportedly tastes like grapefruit, while the pandas come in strawberry and soda flavors. You can only get this limited sweet by visiting Ueno Information Center.

Source and image: kankokeizai.com

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