Sep 14th 2014 | Where's The Apple Pie?!

This month's shipment was a box containing two items. They should arrive to you around 14th - 21st of October. The contents were sweet and fruity mini Hi-Chew, and a double cheese burger with fries and a coke. Wait. What?

Mini Hi-Chew

Normal Hi-Chew is a famous fruity flavored chewy candy in Japan. Its taste and texture is often compared to Starburst, another famous chewy candy found in the U.S. and other Western countries. If that's indeed the case, then these crunchy mini Hi-Chew are definitely the Skittles of Japan! They're sweet, a little sour and incredibly addicting. Remember to use the little hatch on the side!

Mini Hi-Chew

Kracie Happy Kitchen Hamburger

And now for something completely different. So what do you think this burger set taste like? Maybe cookies? The burger is obviously chocolate right? Nope. This is the real deal. The buns, burger, cheese and ketchup are all real. Those french fries taste like french fries and that cola taste like cola. It even fizzles! You'll need a microwave, so keep in mind your watt power. Nobody likes burnt french fries after all. Follow along with the video below for best results!

Kracie Happy Kitchen Hamburger

Before you start, use scissors and carefully cut along the indicated lines on the packaging. The package is actually your place mat, fry holder and cute little flags. Use tape and toothpicks to hold them together. You'll also need to cut the tray in four pieces. If you get confused with the colors on the little packets, just match the Japanese on the packets with the Japanese on the back of the box.

Step One: French Fries (Yellow) - Using the part of the tray with the waves at the bottom, pour the mix (potato in Japanese is ポテト) in and add two cups of water using the small triangle piece as a measuring cup and the included spoon to mix. When it starts to look and feel like dough, mash it down into the waves and make it flat. Then pop it in the microwave for 40 seconds and let it cool. Then use the included knife to cut along the grooves and stick them in your fry cup.

Step Two: Burger (Brown) and Buns (Light Orange) - Pour the burger mix into the cup without waves and add two cups of water. Then mix and scoop it all into the middle of the three-bowled tray piece. Rinse out the cup you used to mix the burger, and add the bun mix (パンのもと). Add two cups of water and stir until you get a nice liquid consistency. Pour the mix into the opposite bowls of your burger mix. Fill each bowl up to the line. Now pop it into the microwave for 40 seconds (or less depending on your watts) and let it cool.

Step Three: Cheese (Blue) - Rinse and clean your potato bowl, and put in the cheese mix and one scoop of water. Stir it up and when it's the right consistency, scoop it out onto your cheese mat. It's the big blue square on your packaging. Push it down and shape it into a rectangle, then cut it in half with your knife.

Step Four: Ketchup (Dark Orange) - Clean and rinse the cup you used to mix the burger and buns, and add the ketchup mix and two cups of water, then stir it until it's the right consistency.

Step Five: BURGER TIME - Use the knife to cut your buns in half and place them on the burger mat. Then cut the burger patty. You can either cut it in half for two singles, or cut it into four pieces for two double cheese burgers. Add the cheese and spread some ketchup on top. Add your top bun, and then stick your little flags in for maximum cuteness.

Step Six: Cola (Purple) - Make sure the little banner is wrapped around and taped to the included cup. Pour in your mix and add about 1cm of water. Mix it up, watch it fizzle and that's it. You're all done! Take some pictures for your Instagram and enjoy!

Kracie Happy Kitchen Hamburger

Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm crazy for bunnies. April is my Netherland Dwarf and he's super spoiled. He knows it too. I mean just look at him.

Kracie Happy Kitchen Hamburger

I'm also "that guy" that takes his bunny for walks in the park and gets strange looks. Anyway, I've been contemplating adopting a second bunny for a while now, so I decided to visit my bunny vet and just see if there were any in need of adoption. That's when I saw this little fuzzball and couldn't say no. She's so fluffy I'm gonna die.

Kracie Happy Kitchen Hamburger

Presently being battered by tropical cyclone 1419 aka "Vongfong". Will pass right over our Tokushima apartment, classified "large scale". Not even quite here yet, already horizontal rain trying to beat down our windows. We'll be OK, just no going out today. Eating leftovers, juggling, working.

Plotting to kidnap Aaron's bunny. You can't have two, we don't even have one! I think the bunny suspects it. You can see it in his eye. Ninjas maybe? Through the window at night, quick and silent. This haiku will be our battle call.

"Nose always twitching

Plodding around with whimsy

Soft ears flop with grace"