Jan 28th 2015 | It's Not Delivery, It's Candy Japan. Wait. I Guess It Is Delivery Then...

This month's shipment was a box containing two items. They should arrive to you by February 28th. The contents were savory milk candies and DIY pizza!

Sakuma Ichigo Milk Candy

In case you couldn't figure it out from the package, ichigo (いちご) means strawberry. These strawberry milk candies have a hard outside, but once you can bite into them, they have a sweet and creamy center! Oddly enough, I find that they taste like Cap'n Crunch Berries. I haven't had those in years, so I love these candies for taking me back to my childhood on a Saturday morning cartoon and cereal fest.

Sakuma Ichigo Milk Candy

Kracie Pizza Kit

I hope you weren't expecting gummy pizza or something. This is the real deal! Yes. Now, you too can experience Japan's fascination with putting corn on top of everything. Included with these mini corn, pea and sausage pizzas are potatoes and a grape soda. You even get a cute little cup! Follow along with the video and directions below. Be careful because this one is a doozy!

Kracie Pizza Kit

First thing you'll notice is the rainbow assortment of packages. Just to avoid confusion, let's get that out of the way first. By color they are:

Yellow - Potato Orange - Pizza Crust Green - Cheese Red - Pizza Sauce Blue - Toppings Brown - Sausage (wiener) Purple - Grape Soda

You can also go ahead and cup out your pizza sheet with a pair of scissors. Just follow along the lines and cut out the shapes. Make sure you cut the pizza box around the "1s" so that it looks like a plus sign (+). Be careful that you don't cut anything in half. This is kind of the hardest part. You need to use tape to fold the sides in and make the pizza box. While it's not too important that you do this, it does add to the kawaii factor!

Kracie Pizza Kit

Step 1 : Cut the tray into four separate pieces. The small triangular shape is your measuring cup. Open the potato package and pour the contents into the largest tray (star shape inside). Using your little measuring cup, add two cup of water. Then mix until you get a taffy like texture. Switch it into the tray with four smiling faces and mash it down flat. Pop it into the microwave for about 30 to 40 seconds depending on your voltage. Let it cool and use the included utensil to cut it into four pieces.

Step 2 : Rinse out your largest tray and empty the pizza crust (orange) into it. Add four cups of water using your little triangle measuring cup. Mix it up as before and scoop out enough to make a ball of "dough." Then just flatten it down into pizza crust. You should have enough for two of these. You can use the pizza sheet, but I just used a plate.

Step 3 : The cheese! Pour the cheese contents into the tray with the music note inside. Add one triangle sized cup of water and mix. Once it feels like shredded cheese, scoop it out and set it aside on the sheet or a plate. Use the same cup and pour into it the tomato sauce. Add two triangle cups of water and mix until it's nice and saucy.

Step 4 : The sausage (wiener)! Open up your sausage package from the top carefully because you're going to use it again. Pour the contents into the largest (star) tray, and add two triangle cups of water. Mix it up, make it meaty, and scoop it up back into its package. Fold it just tightly enough so that you can squeeze out the sausage like it's icing (ew!),

Step 5 : Add the pizza sauce to your crust. Don't be stingy! Then add the sausage by squeezing it out into pieces. Break off pieces of cheese and add that too. Then pop those suckers into the microwave for about one minute. But hey, what's a pizza without a lot of toppings? You're only like three ingredients away from plain old bread at this point! Once your pizza is out of the oven, add the enough toppings until you're satisfied.

Step 6 : Can't have a pizza without some purple stuff. Just pour your grape drank into your cup and fill it with about 3/4 water. Then mix and watch it fizzle.

Step 7 : Bask in the glory of your creation. You are a pizza chef. Enjoy!

I recently made my irresponsible purchase of the year and bought a Panasonic GH3. My GH1 served me well, but holy rusted metal batman is this camera nice. I still don't even know what half the buttons do, but here is me fiddling with it and my bunnies. If you'd like to see more videos from me you can check out my youtube.

Kracie Pizza Kit

I also got a bit interested in photography. I went out after dark and took this 30 second exposure shot of a bridge near our house. It almost looks like daytime, but the benches are just lit by the light from passing cars.

Kracie Pizza Kit

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