Sep 28th 2015 | But I Don't Want To Open The Box :(

This month's shipment was a box containing four items. This shipment will likely arrive around the end of October. The contents were soda jellybeans, a chewy rope, fruity rings and a cute cat box.

Kajiritcho Grape and Soda Soft Candy

Snap into a grape soda flavored Slim Jim! No? Well, that's where my mind went. This sweet and sour candy has a long funny shape like a rope. The outside has a fruity grape taste, while the inside gives you a blast of juicy soda.

Poifull Soda Jellybeans

Limit edition jelly beans are the best kind of jellybeans. Black liquerish happens to be the worst. True story. These limited edition soda jellybeans come in cola, lemon, cider and ramune flavors. The outside is really thin, but the inside packs a punch. Packs a soda? It packs something.

Pine Fruit Rings

These fruity hard candy rings come in three flavors: green apple, acerola; also known as the Barbados cherry, and lychee. Are there fruity magic crystals inside? Probably not, but the sparkles do add to the cuteness I think!

I took my girlfriend to Disneyland for her birthday this month. Tokyo Disneyland is pretty small compared to the parks in America. The wait for for some of the rides is insane. I can't imagine going every week like a lot of Japanese do. Here is a video of me making pretty much everyone on the Amazon Adventure ride hate me.

Life with a baby is a lot of fun so far (we have a 3-month old). It's like a constant stream of happiness just to look at him. I was worried getting into parenting, but the upsides are far outweighing the downsides so far. Took pro baby pics and went through the fake feeding ritual.

Studying a lot of kanji with an awesome app called nihongo. I don't know who made the app, but it's gotten me to study more Japanese characters and vocabulary every day. I also use another app called commit, which motivates me to keep studying and reminds me if I forget.

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