Sep 14th 2016 | Chewy Gummy Variety.🍬🍬

Your Japanese candies are almost there! This email explains what was in the box, so it could be a bit of a spoiler.

The items in the box are: Mystery Hi-Chew, Cherry Puccho and Kabaya World Kitchen Gummies.

UHA Cherry Gummy Cheeks

I'm sure if you were to ask people what the cutest body part is, you would get different answers from everyone. However, if you were to ask the candy people at UHA, they would no doubt go with the cheeks. Specifically the cheeks of Hoppe-chan. Literally "Cheeks-chan" in Japanese. These famous characters are all cheeks. The bouncy red gummies are sweet and cherry flavored. Does it get any cuter?

Kabaya Okinawa Salt and Lyche Gummies

The Kabaya "Kitchens From Around the World" series is back. These gummies take ingredients often used from the best kitchens in other countries, and packs them into tiny gummies. The flavors here didn't venture too far from Japan, but no doubt are new for the rest of you: Okinawa sea salt and fruity lyche. What a perfect splash of flavors!

Moringa Mystery Hi-Chew

Hi-Chew is the famous Japanese candy that is often compared to Starburst in the U.S. As someone that is actually from the U.S, I gotta say, Hi-Chew is the clear winner. The texture and filling is just so much better! The chewy candy packed inside today happens to also be limited edition, with mystery flavored packed in every piece. Each piece is a different "level" of mystery with level four being the most difficult. Can you crack the case and figure out the flavors?

You may have seen me on Reddit this month thanks to Bemmu sharing one of my articles from TokyoCheapo. Apparently it gave the site 15x more traffic than it has ever had. I think my TokyoCheapo boss owes my CandyJapan boss a drink. The article was a tongue-in-cheek look at modeling and working in Japan. You can check it out here.

Moringa Mystery Hi-Chew

I gave a presentation in Kobe last week about how much work it was to write the code that runs Candy Japan. All of it was custom-made just for this service. Here's a blog version of the presentation: How many lines of code is Candy Japan?

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