Feb 14th 2017 | Please, Sir. Can I Have Some S’pore?🍬🍬

Here's the explainer for the box we sent in mid-February box, which should have arrived to you around now.

The items in the box are: Kabaya Shuwabo Garitto, Bourbon Bound Rock Gummi, Crayon Shin Chan Chocobi, Bourbon Petiti Matcha Chocolate Chip, and Meiji Tsukurou Kinoko no Yama.

Kabaya Shuwabo Garitto

This strange looking rope candy has two exciting layers. The outside is soft and chewy with a strong fruity grape flavored taste. The inside packs a surprising sour punch made from fizzy "garitto" powder. Biting into it will mix the chewy outside layer with the fizzy crystals found inside to make fun little explosion pops in your mouth!

Bourbon Bound Rock Gummi

Speaking of candy that is grape and chewy, take a gander at these vibrant Bound Rock gummies. Named after their hard texture, these sweets come powdered in sour candy sugar. They're sealed and specially made so that their flavor is long-lasting.

Crayon Shin Chan Chocobi

This next candy snack is very meta. Crayon Shin Chan is a popular series in Japan about a boy that likes to take his pants off. There is a lot more plot than that, but that is the gist of it. There is also an in-universe chocolate snack called chocobi in the show, and now that chocolate snack exists in the real world. These star-shaped cocoa snacks crumble in your mouth and burst with chocolate powder. Each tiny piece comes individually wrapped. Wow. So efficient. Much Japan.

Bourbon Petit Matcha and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Continuing with our Bourbon Petit trend, here are some cookies with staple Japanese green tea flavor. Green tea flavored snacks and candy is somewhat of an acquired taste, but it's always fun to try new things even if you're not really into matcha (green tea) flavored treats. Mixed in with the green tea us sweet chocolate chips that make an exquisite and unique flavor.

Meiji Let's Make Mountain Mushrooms

This DIY kit in Japanese is "Meiji Tsukurou Kinoko no Yama," which roughly translates to the above. It lets you create your own mushrooms. The included mushroom "stems" are crispy biscuits. Just melt down the included chocolate, white chocolate, and strawberry icing with warm water and squeeze them into the molds of the included tray. Dip in the biscuit stems and refrigerate for 30 minutes. You'll be enjoying these sweet fungi in no time!

Here is a video if you still need help.

I've recently changed career paths from working full-time teaching English to young children to a combination of part-time jobs teaching English at a high school, producing videos for Tokyo Cheapo, and modeling. I've been so busy that I haven't had much time for fun. If you're interested in seeing my work you can check out this video about Odaiba that I made.

Meiji Let's Make Mountain Mushrooms

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