Nov 14th 2018 | Feeling lucky?

This explains what was in the November 14th candy shipment, which should arrive around the world around mid-December.

Seaweed Potato Chips

Seaweed is used in countless foods in Japan, even in several brands of potato chips. This one by Koikeya may be the original brand of seaweed chips, at least if you believe their origin story.

Back in the 50s in Japan, Koikeya was not yet selling potato chips, and they were not even a common snack you could just buy at a store. However some would make them by hand, and one night Koikeya's CEO went out for drinks, and the bar happened to offer homemade potato chips. He was impressed and wanted to start manufacturing this new snack, but felt that if they were to do it in Japan, they should at least put some Japanese twist to it. That's how seaweed potato chips were born, becoming available in 1962.

After a lot of trial-and-error, this is what they've arrived at. Like it? These use 100% Japan-grown potatoes. Oh, and the package suggests opening it lengthwise, to make them easy to eat.

Seaweed Potato Chips

Fortune Telling NeruNeru DIY Kit

When you visit temples in Japan, you can buy fortune-telling sticks called "omikuji". They have your fortune written on them, with your coming luck conveniently split into a few categories. This DIY kit follows that idea, except instead of scraps of paper, it tells your fortune through the color of your candy.

To see how to make this, please watch this video. It's easy, but more clear to show than try to explain here.

Fortune Telling NeruNeru DIY Kit

Unlike in a temple, here you get two shots at telling your fortune, as you'll have two colors.

Green: super lucky

Purple: lucky

Red: a little lucky

Orange: a little unlucky

(This is obviously just for fun, results not guaranteed)

Caplico Mini

Snack that resembles ice cream, except it won't melt. Creamy filling with a wafer cone. Your flavor will be one of chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla.

Caplico Mini

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