Dec 28th 2018 | COROROMAN!

Here's what is in the candy shipment which should arrive to subscribers around late January or beginning of February 2019.

Candemina Super Best

These sours can be found in any supermarket or convenience store in Japan. They are similar to ones some you might find abroad, but since they had a "super best" package that features all of their flavours in one available, I felt it would be a good time to show what the Japanese approach to these staple sours is like.

Three different flavors in a single mix: cider, cola and orange.

The name "candemina" is a play on words where "kande" is "bite" and "miina" is something like "why don't you try". So the name could be translated as "how about trying a bite".

Candemina Super Best

Fran Whipped Melty Cacao

Back in October the box featured Fran's "double chocolate" variation, while this time you can try the original version of these whipped chocolate sticks. The package suggests chilling them in your fridge before eating as one way of enjoying them.

At one point a past Fran ad became a bit of a meme, spawning an Assassin's Creed parody, as well as ones about Gurren Lagann and MikuMikuDance.

Whipped Melty Cacao Fran

UHA Kororo Muscat

There's a great Japanese ad for these, featuring an office worker who astonishes his coworkers with his juiciness, as a reference to how juicy these gummies are. Your box has the muscat flavored ones.

UHA Kororo Muscat

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