July 14th | Crackers in a Half Shell


Lifeguard drink turned into a long soft candy.

Corn Soup Umaibou


Japanese cream of corn soup -flavored "delicious stick" umaibou corn snacks. Yes, an even cornier version of the classic umaibou corn snack.

Fuwarinka Soft Candy


*Soft candy with a sweet and sour fruit flavor and the texture of a crisp shell and chewy filling.

The beauty rose flavor has a gorgeous rose aroma and a clean fruity taste, and leaves a hint of rose in the breath and body.*

Cola-flavored Coris Whistle Candy


Cola-flavored "fueramune" whistling soda sweets that make a sound when you blow air through them. Comes with a random little toy as well, mine contained a little jewel.



I like turtles. And turtle-shaped rice crackers containing soy sauce and mirin.

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