Why write an ebook?

While growing Candy Japan, I realized that out of all the things involved in running it, I was enjoying writing about it the most. Not only is it fun to share what you've learned, but it turns out to be good marketing as well. 

Enjoying the writing process itself and seeing good things come out of it kept me motivated to keep doing it. 

After years of running the site and writing various posts, I've started getting more and more questions from others wanting to start their own subscription boxes as well. Looks like there is a slight "box boom" going on at the moment.

I realized that since I am already writing about this topic, all I would need to get an ebook out of it would be a minor adjustment in my writing direction. So perhaps this is something I would be capable of doing. 

If you are already writing about a topic, the only difference between writing a book and writing random posts is having an outline. Not that even that is always necessary. Hackers & Painters is one of my favorite books ever and it is a collection of essays already published for free on Paul Graham's blog!

But why do it? Because it's a multiplier for your existing efforts. It helps motivate you to blog more, as each post is also another step towards completing your book. If you think about it like this, there really is no reason NOT to work towards a book if you are already blogging anyway.

Thanks for reading
If you would like to buy the ebook when it comes out, check it out here.