Banana Flavored Potato Chips

Potato chips are the best-selling snack in the world and you may be familiar with several brands such as the largest brand, Frito-Lay. You might be familiar with spicy ones, barbecue sauced ones or just plain old delicious salty crunchy ones. But in Japan this all-time favorite snack comes in even more varieties. 

Here is the latest type of Japanese potato chips. They are made by the company Koikeya, the second largest manufacturer of savory snacks in Japan. Drum roll please. Japan brings you: BANANA FLAVORED POTATO CHIPS.

Yup. These aren't just plain old banana chips either, but really are potato chips, just with a distinct banana flavor. 

The packaging advertises these as a fusion of the sweetness of banana with the crunchiness of chips. How fancy! If you get extra adventurous, the packaging suggests putting them on top of toast as one way to enjoy the crunchiness.

Actually I'll go try that right now. Meanwhile here's a reaction from the vlogger xcornmuffinx.

So what do you think, want to try some? Which potato chip flavor would you want to see?