How to Get Free Candy

Free candy is not free to us

Candy Japan is a subscription box for Japanese candy. As a business, we cannot just send things to anyone for free. That would lose money and we have to eat, pay rent, host this website etc., so we can't go broke if we want to stay around!

However if you have some good way to promote Candy Japan, we may be able to give you free candy in exchange. For example if you have a YouTube channel, a popular Facebook page or a website related somehow to Japan or candy, then in exchange for promoting Candy Japan we may be able to send you a free box of candy.

How to apply for free candy

To apply, please enter your details here. Be warned however that we do reject most applications, as it's not free for us to send these samples, and we will only send free candy if it seems very likely that the promotional value is higher than the cost of shipping you the box. So for example if you have a YouTube channel with only a few videos with less than a thousand views each, we are very unlikely to send you a free candy box.

If you don't have a way to promote us, please consider just begging someone for money and then just subscribing as usual here :-)