8 Incredibly Strange Candies from Japan

Here are 8 odd and (maybe?) delicious treats you can find only in Japan.

1. Candy You Put Together Like IKEA Furniture

Candy With Some Assembly Required

This DIY kit has you struggle to make your own tiny hamburger-shaped candies. But a bit of effort makes it all that much more satisfying to finally eat! The cheese, meat and lettuce are crunchy, while the rest is gummy. Want fries with that?

2. Candy That Becomes a Musical Instrument

Candy That Wants You To Make Music
Fue Ramune

This one makes a whistling sound when you blow through the hole. In Japan it is believed that whistling can invite a snake to attack you, so better be careful.

3. Candy With an Edible Wrapper

Candy With A Wrapper You Can Eat
Bontan Ame

While it may look like a plastic cover you should remove, you can actually eat the "wrapper". It's made from rice!

4. Candy That Swam with the FishesCandy That Grew In The Sea

It's called "konbuame"

This sweet is worth a mention only because it's made from sea weed. Imagine an enterprising Japanese fisherman encountering some algae and thinking "I'll make candy out of that!".

5. Candy with a Smiling Star Inside

Chocolate Candy Inhabited By Stars

Welcome to the chocolate star kingdom! I am thrilled to meet you and take you on sweet adventures across the universe!

6. Plum Sweet for Modern Ninjas

Candy That Hipster Ninjas Eat
Ninja food

Direct translation would be "ninja food" and the packaging says it's for modern ninjas.

7. Vending Machine Candy

Candy That Thinks It's A Vending Machine
Vending machine candy!

If you've ever been to Japan or seen pictures, you'll know that there are vending machines EVERYWHERE. Even on Mount Fuji. Many of the drinks on sale in them are so famous that now there is even candy based on those drinks.

8. Tentacle Monster Candy

Candy With Tentacles
Candy Japan / Via candyjapan.com

Alright, it's not a monster, just a squid. Actually, that's even worse. Except it's imitiation squid. Yeah, this squid candy actually contains no squid. Instead of the real thing, it contains fish paste instead.