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Mystery sweets from Japan for $29 / month | FAQ | Your subscription

Japanese candy

surprises in your mailbox twice a month.
Try unique sweets even if you are in United States. Flag of United States

Labels on the packages are in Japanese, so please do not subscribe if you have allergies.

How it Works

First step is to subscribe
Subscribe to Candy Japan
Then we shop for candies for you in Japan
We shop for you in Japan
Then we send them to you and they arrive twice a month
Candy comes twice a month
Then you eat them!
Eat 'em!

Sneak peek at the 2016 mid-February box

Candy Japan mid-February box

Among other things our latest box contained rare spicy wasabi kit-kats, which are hard to get anywhere except Japan.

How much candy will you get?

Candy Japan boxes

Each month we send you two boxes of candy, so you'll get surprises often. Amount of items in each varies based on how big the candies are, but usually the two boxes will have a total of 3 - 6 items.

When will I get the candies?

After you get the first box, the next ones come every 2 weeks. Before arrival we'll send you an email explaining the contents.

What people are saying about us

"I can not think of any kind of subscription that I'd consider to be more worth the money or any other regularly occurring event that's going to be more awesome than the arrival of one of these envelopes."
-Matthias from Germany
"Check it out if you want a taste of Japan in your life" -Ology
"With Candy Japan, you can now get a taste of your favorite Japanese candies. I can’t wait to get my candy surprise soon."

Who runs Candy Japan?

Bemmu and Nachi
My name is Bemmu, I am an expat in Japan and run this monthly candy service with my wife Nachi. We try to pick interesting candies to send to you each time so you can try things that are difficult to come by outside of Japan.
Bemmu, Nachi and Aito

We really hope you will enjoy trying the candies.

P.S. If you are looking to start your own subscription box, I wrote a book about it.

Example shipment email

When the shipments are due to arrive, we'll send you an explanation email to clarify what the candies are.

Eat This Giraffe Before it Melts. 🍬🍬
This month's shipment was a box containing four items. This shipment will likely arrive around the end of November. The contents featured gum so sour that I fainted, a sugary fluffy stick, yummy sherbet and a cute anime character.

Candy Japan sample box contents

 Yaokin Brown Sugar Fu

Fluffy and sweet fu! I love eating these because of the marshmallow like texture. Fu is gluten, so this is basically a sugar coated brick of baked dough. The inside is soft and fluffy, but the outside is crispy. It's a very satisfying combination.

Yaokin Brown Sugar Fu

Suppai Lemon Gum

This gum exploded my cheeks. It might just be the most sour candy I've ever tried. I'm a lightweight, but all my friends that claimed to be sour loving kings literally ate their words after popping one of these suckers in their mouths. The lemon flavor is very strong. As in I can't tell the difference between this gum and an actual lemon.

Suppai lemon gum

Yokai Watch Figma

As an English teacher for children in Japan, I cannot go one class without hearing or seeing something about Yokai Watch. I ask my students who their favorite Pokemon is and I get blank stares. I ask them who is their favorite from Yokai Watch and the whole class erupts! This little box contains a figma from the Yokai Watch series and a single piece of Ramune flavored Gum.

Yokai Watch Figma

Let's Make Sherbet!

Japanese titles are very literal. This DIY sherbet kid features cute animal shapes and a sweet grape soda flavor, and making it is super easy. Set your animal shapes aside and get a small cup of water. First open up the blue package and pour into the biggest bowl in your tray. Then use the water droplet tool and fill up the bowl to the second line. Mix thoroughly with the tool until the powder completely dissolves. Then carefully pour your blue potion into the animal shapes, but don't overflow!

Sherbet making kit

Use your water drop tool to fill up all smaller bowls with water, and then pour your different color contents into each. Mix them thoroughly again, and then use the last bowl to mix up the colors to make completely new colors. You can ignore the long shaped bowl, as it's just meant to clean your mixer/water droplet tool. I personally just used my cup of water. Suck up your colors and carefully drop little bubbles into your animal shapes. Once your satisfied, pop the tray in the freezer/ice box for 30 minutes. I had to wait about 15 more minutes.

If you're still confused here is a video from parents capitalizing on their children making it themselves (Bemmu note: lol Aaron).

Sherbet making kit end result

Life in Japan with Aaron

My life is basically rabbits, cats and waiting for Fallout 4. Like sometimes I look around and I'm like, "Wow. I live in Tokyo. I have an amazing beautiful Japanese girlfriend. Life sure would be better with Fallout 4." My girlfriend doesn't even understand what's coming. This time next week I'll be jobless, sitting inside a pizza box fort and rambling about nuka-cola. I just pray the last picture taken of me before the great fall captures me with dignity.

Aaron Baggett


Life in Japan with Bemmu

Ever wanted to start your own subscription box? If you have, I wrote a book on it: How to Start and Grow Your Subscription Box - From 0 to 1000 Subscribers. It's also available on Kindle and iBook stores. 

Who's who

Aaron lives in Tokyo and writes this newsletter. Bemmu started Candy Japan with wife Nachi and lives in Tokushima, Japan. Nika does customer support. 

Ready to order?
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