Japanese candy

surprises in your mailbox twice a month.

How it works

First step is to subscribe
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Then we shop for candies for you in Japan
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Then we send them to you and they arrive twice a month
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Then you eat them!
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Quick explainer anime

We ship boxes on 14th and 28th of each month. The first box takes about 30 days to arrive, after which you'll start getting new boxes every 2 weeks.

New tastes only available in Japan

Candy Japan mid-February box

We hunt for interesting sweets for you to try, then ship them directly to you by Japan Post. Yes, to anywhere in the world!

"This is sincerely the most awesome mail I have ever received." -Abdallah from Australia
"This is the perfect present for someone who likes Japanese confectionery." -Fed's Life
I am very happy with the candies. It is like Christmas twice a month!” -Yani from Bulgaria
Happiness does come in a box. Since I started getting these little Japanese candies my life has drastically improved. I can run faster, swim better and I no longer have trouble sleeping at night.” -Lindsay from Chicago
My husband bought me a subscription as a Christmas present as he knew how much I love Japanese candy. Every time I get a new package it's like there is a birthday in my household! The service is amazing and the emails explaining the items are well detailed and add to the enjoyment. Thank you for the time you take to find something new each time. I've recommended it to everyone I know.” -Audrey from Australia
Check it out if you want a taste of Japan in your life” -Ology
With Candy Japan, you can now get a taste of your favorite Japanese candies.”

Example of one month's candy

Candy Japan September 2017 boxes
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How much candy will you get?

Two boxes per month! Each box is as you see in the picture above, typically containing 2 - 4 items, depending on their size.

(Labels on the packages are in Japanese, so please do not subscribe if you have allergies.)

Send a gift

Looking for a gift for someone who loves all things Japan? Send Candy Japan as a prepaid gift! You don't even necessarily need to know the recipient's mailing address, as you'll get a shareable gift link.

Example of one month's candy

Candy Japan October 2017 boxes
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